Intelligent Ontologies is one of ten companies accepted onto the 2019 White City Innovators' Programme, in partnership with Natwest. Meet Mark, our founder, and hear more about the broader vision here.

IntelligentOntologies is a London-based micro SME - with a diverse, rapidly growing research portfolio in knowledge and decision intelligence engineering.

Experimenting across the cognitive and computational sciences, we work in the grey space between automated machine learning and human-led decision-making. Capturing the data used, biases and uncertainties underpinning each micro-decision, our primary goal is to build a user-friendly decision intelligence system that guides expert users towards rational, auditable decision-making.

We work at the intersection of academia, industry and government, focusing primarily on grand challenges in the defence and security sciences. This lets us test O2GEN, our modular experimental platform, across diverse areas of science, technology, and engineering.

If you have an interesting thematic data set - and the human experts to go with it; idea for an experiment; or would simply like to know more about our research, send us a friendly message: hello@IntelligentOntologies.com

Mark Lavelle, Niki Göransson and the team at NatWest share their thoughts on the key strengths of 'Innovators' 2019'.


/ proper noun
London-based SME exploring new ways of capturing, understanding, sharing, auditing and querying human-held scientific, technical & engineering knowledge. Builds intelligent ontologies.

intelligent ontologies

/ adjective + noun
Semantic knowledge map of a subject area, capturing necessary properties, relationships and uncertainties. Designed to be queried by experts and non-experts alike. Updatable and fully auditable. Forms the basis of Decision Intelligence.